Some of our consultants gained experience from:

Below are some of the iCSQL consultants projects:

  • SQL Server Kernel Debugging without a system OS crash dump
    • Have you ever seen "15 Sec I/O" warning in SQL server error log, find out what is the root cause
  • Advance Backup Solutions CDP, DPM or SMSQL
    • Find out if your backup can support  'zero data loss' in case of disaster.
  • Worlds Best SQL Server Maintenance Plan
    • Can your maintenance plan think ahead?
    • Do you have a single point of view of your enterprise maintenance plan?
  • Replication Deployment Automation
    • Does your build supports once click replication deployment?
    • How do you handle changing data in your replicated reporting environments?
  • Need a near Real Time Reporting from your data warehouse?
  • Advance Migration Automation
    • Are your onshore or offshore developers in synch with your local development?
    • Are your application tier patches in synch with database patches?
  • Mirroring in a Package
    • Are you ready for mirroring?
    • Do you need an alternate to mirroring?
  • Geo-clustering VS Clustering
    • When do you want an IP clustering and not MSCS?
  • Security Framework for Compliance
    • Does your security framework meets all of your compliance requirements?
    • Is there any performance consideration for your compliance solution?
  • DR Deployment Framework
    • Need a dependable project manager whole can walk you through an end to end DR deployment
  • The Cost Free Custom Monitoring
    • Tired of finding out of the box solution for SQL Server health check? How about maximizing what we already have?
  • Publication by icConsultants: Coming Soon
  • Presentations by icConsultants: SQLPASS, PASSMN, BDPASS, iNeta
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